Our Message

There are many instances where CPR is not performed because the bystanders are afraid they might “do it wrong.” Performing CPR on a victim of cardiac arrest may provide that person with the only chance they have to survive, and our goal is to do everything we can to see that as many Sonoma County residents as possible are able to give other members of their community that chance. Our message is to “Call 911, push hard, push fast, don’t stop!” and we work to dispel the fear associated with performing CPR, helping to save countless lives in the process.

Overwhelming medical evidence tells us that the single most important aspect to effective CPR is chest compressions. The focus of “compression-only” CPR taught by Save Lives Sonoma is the simple delivery of effective chest compressions to the victims of cardiac arrest.

CPR training usually involves making a commitment to sit through a comprehensive course lasting several hours containing fairly complex instructions. While this type of CPR training is clearly valuable, many people simply are unable to make such a commitment. Although most people are willing to help a victim of cardiac arrest, a huge segment of the population lacks the basic training necessary to save lives.

The “compression-only” CPR taught by Save Lives Sonoma is not a substitute for traditional CPR training, nor is it meant to replace traditional CPR training. Rather our goal is to deliver the most important aspect of that training to as many members of the public as possible.

We strongly believe that basic CPR training in chest compressions is infinitely better than no CPR training at all. We also believe that most every Sonoma County resident is willing to take five minutes of their time to learn this truly lifesaving skill, and it is our goal to provide those residents the opportunity to do so.