Save Lives Sonoma is excited to announce that PulsePoint Respond is now live in Sonoma County! PulsePoint Respond is a free smart phone app that enables citizens who happen to be near a cardiac emergency to initiate CPR even before Fire or Rescue personnel arrive. When dispatchers receive a 911 call, information about the location of the incident, and the location of nearby AEDs is presented on your cell phone.

And, you can help us register AED locations in Sonoma County by using the companion PulsePoint AED app. Within the app you simply describe the location and take a picture of the AED. That's it!

Learn CPR, install the PulsePoint Respond App, and you will be alerted to nearby cardiac emergencies in public places.

Ensure that all AEDs are registered, so the closest AED can be identified in an emergency. Register your AED and register AEDs that you find in public spaces.